10 Superstar Networking Tips to Grow Your Business

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10 Superstar Networking Tips to Grow Your Business


1) Rock Your Appearance. Let your outfit be a conversation starter. Wear something that makes you feel like a million bucks and helps you radiate confidence.

2) Prepare Yourself Mentally. Know your purpose for being there. Be passionate about what you do and let it shine. What do you want to learn?

3) Show Up Early. Arrive with extra time so you can grab a coffee and get to know a few people before everything starts to get busy. Be on the lookout for people with whom you feel you can connect with and strike up a conversation with them.

4) Be a Giver. Have you ever met someone whom you feel wants to get something from you? It gives off a bad negative energy, doesn’t it? Avoid this from happening to you by shifting your energy to one of abundance and ask yourself how you can best serve others.

5) Ask for Their Business Card. It is always better to ask for the other person’s card. Asking for their card feels better than shoving yours in their hand.

6) Share the Event Socially. Social Media is a great tool for building and maintaining relationships. Take plenty of pics at events to share on social media.

7) Switch it Up. Try sitting with different people.  Sometimes the chit-chat that occurs before and after the event can lead to the best connections.

8) Step Up to the Mike. If there is a Q&A opportunity, step up to the microphone and let your question be heard. You’ll get a chance to introduce yourself to the whole room and get expert answers to your question.

9) Give a Testimonial. If you loved the event or a service, be vocal about it. Tell the event coordinator / service provider and offer a testimonial. You can also place recommendation on LinkedIn, Facebook or your networking site.  Email a written testimonial to the event host / service provider. They may post it on their website and give you exposure!

10) Love ’em Up. There is a Chinese proverb that says “A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers.” When you get back home after the event, the most important part is following up with and nurturing relationships you made.  Here it’s a strategy of quality, not quantity.  Narrow them down to the few people you had a real connection with and send a warm, genuine email.

Attending networking meetings, industry conferences or seminars keep you up-to-date with the latest changes that are occurring within your sector but equally valuable is the chance to meet other like-minded individuals and build connections that can last a lifetime.

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Why Choose A Vineyard Setting For Your Next Team Building Seminar?

27 Mar 2013 –

Many may remember our post “Do Corporate Team-Building Events Really Work?” from July 2012 by Lindsay Olson.  While Lindsay indicated that you “don’t need to schedule a weekend retreat complete with a trapeze to get the job done” while reading the article below from Midge Hand about Markovina Vineyard Estate as a great location for a team building event / workshop I was inspired to review new, interesting and most of all rewarding locations surrounding Auckland for our PlusOne Dynamics iMA Workshops.


We have been exploring options with our customers regarding locations for our iMA Training and Workshops and the benefits of delivering training to Staff while considering and recognising their contribution to a company’s success, in essence training and rewarding.  Team Building and Training doesn’t always have to be delivered in a stuffy office, training room or work environment (although this is the common location), from my experience the best Staff and Team bonding experiences develop outside the work environment when the activities and training are meaningful, engaging, rewarding AND the location allows for focused engagement.


Hosting a Team Building or Training Seminar at a location like Markovina Vineyard Estate can make the training investment and outcome longer lasting, more memorable for Staff and result in a significantly better ROI and outcome for both your business and employees.

Happy training – Grant Dickson – PlusOne Dynamics



Why Choose A Vineyard Setting For Your Next Team Building Seminar?

Midge Hand – (republished with permission)


Can you think of a better place and better way to encourage your team to participate in a company team building ever than to have it at a vineyard?

Not only will it be away from the daily grind and routine at the office, but to host your company event in a beautiful, non-office setting, where everyone can relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of a vineyard is sure to be a welcome surprise.

Make this event more unique than others you’ve ever had before and take the group to a vineyard – your staff will definitely appreciate the effort and thought you have taken to inject a little class and style, rather than hosting it at a hotel conference room.

They will most likely be more inclined to participate and gain more insights from your efforts and presentation of your speakers at a stunning venue. No doubt it will make a more lasting impression and create some good memories and ensure a successful outcome for the day.

A vineyard will offer your company both indoor and outdoor options with plenty of room for the team to spread out and interact with each other which is the purpose of the day. In this relaxed setting your teams can also separate for break out activities of smaller groups as well.

Make it a day long event and treat the team to a breakfast brunch to start the day and include a break and encourage them to talk a walk around the vineyard after a light lunch and relaxation.

When the business has finished for the day, the team can kick back and relax in the restaurant and chat about the day’s events over a few drinks.

Once you host a team building event in a beautiful setting like this, you will never have any problems again with reluctant staff members coming up with all sorts of excuses as to why they cannot attend – this won’t happen with such an interesting venue.

Instead it will give your staff something to brag about to their colleagues and this will make a good and lasting impression on other members of staff who lag behind when it comes to participating in team building events.

While there is a definite focus on the business purpose for this occasion, such as reinforcing the commitment between the team members, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a in business environment.

A vineyard is a perfect solution to inspire your team by giving them the opportunity to see how they can make the transition from working as an individual to working within a team.

When the event is over and they return to their normal work environment, they will take with them good memories of the team building day at the vineyard.

They will appreciate the management for going the extra mile and be all the more thankful, appreciative and inspired for it.

The Markovina Vineyard Estate venue is stunning either indoors or outdoors and the cuisine and wine selection is second to none.

Markovina Vineyard Estate is a stunning venue and has been providing vineyard magic for seminars and corporate events. They are the experts when it comes to planning and staging events, small or large



Thinking of a Team Building Event to Improve Your Team Engagement? Consider a PlusOne Dynamics iMA Workshop

Getting the best from teams and effective team working is key to your success as a Leader and business. The challenge is to adapt your thinking, communication and style to leverage the potential of teams.  At PlusOne Dynamics we invite you to complete our free iMA Questionnaire,it will only take 2 minutes and will reveal your preferred communication style as a successful Leader / Manager plus how you can communicate effectively with your team while enhancing the connectivity, productivity and engagement of your staff. An iMA Audit or Workshop at your next Team Building event or session will greatly enhance the connectivity and performance of your team and have them motivated to engage in your business direction.

iMA is an exciting universal language, designed to maximise connectivity: mutual liking, trust, understanding and respect. Everyone speaks one of four iMA dialects, putting them on the same wavelength as 25% of the world’s population.  iMA is a simple way of observing and understanding the differences in people, then connecting with them on their wavelength. When this happens communication, trust, understanding, co-operation and sales increase, and stress and tension decrease.
I stands for Identify your iMA colour style and that of the person you want to connect with.
M stands for Modify your message by encoding it in a way that is most likely to be understood.
A is Adapt the way you treat one person vs. another.

Review our iMA Services here, and consider a PlusOne Dynamics iMA Workshop for your next team building event.

To become an even better Leader we invite you to download our PlusOne Dynamics free e-book – “12 Cs of Building a Team that Works“, you will gain valuable insight into to how you can grow and build your team using effective communication and contexts. This FREE e-Book provides a simple “answer these questions” guide surrounding your team, communication and connectivity.

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Top 6 Reasons Why Your Business Isn’t Growing

15 Jan 2013 – Tracey Lawton


I speak to clients all the time who are frustrated and overwhelmed because:

  • Their business isn’t growing;
  • They don’t have any clients (or very few clients);
  • And their income isn’t where they want it to be.

And after having many such conversations over the past few years, I’ve identified six key reasons why they’re not seeing the results they want to see.

Read through these reasons and see if you can identify with any of them yourself… you may have more than one!

1. No Clear Strategy or Vision.

When you’re not clear on why you’re in business or the results your business is delivering, it’s very hard to grow it – you don’t know what direction to go in; what to do next etc. etc. and chances are you easily get distracted and get off track by following those bright shiny objects (in the form of the latest hot marketing strategy or product). It’s a bit like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle when you don’t have the box in front of you to show you what the end result should look like.


2. Focusing on the WRONG Things.

Related to point 1 above, when you’re not clear on what you’re doing then chances are you’ll focus on the wrong business building and/or marketing activities. And then you’ll be disappointed with the results you get. This is because you either don’t fully understand the activity but you’re going ahead with it anyway. Or you don’t know how the activity relates to your business so don’t know how it’s going to help you build your business.


3. Lack of an Automated Marketing System.

Without the proper automated marketing system in place, it’s very difficult to follow up with new subscribers (that’s even if you have a system for capturing new leads in the first place). If you don’t have a system in place for following up with your new subscriber, then how can you expect to turn them into a paying client or customer?


4. Lack of Systems.

Forget about the automated marketing system, you don’t have any systems in place at all! You’re surrounded by paper piles; you can never find what you’re looking for; you have no idea of your business finances – these are all symptoms of a lack of basic business management systems. And this itself is a core reason why your business isn’t growing.


5. Not Clear On The Results Your Services Deliver.

This again goes back to point 1 above, but it also means that if you’re not clear on the results your services deliver, then your marketing message is not clear either. Which means you’re not attracting your ideal clients (if any clients) and your business isn’t growing.


6. Not ASKING! This is a big one.

I see it happen so many times. You’ll do anything and everything not to have a sales conversation with a client and ASK them to work with you. And this could mean not even asking them to have a strategy session/initial call with you to find out more about one another. You really do need to start getting into the habit of ASKING people to work with you.

Which of these reasons can you relate to? Is there more than one?