NEW- Pre-Register NOW!- Wellington Business Over Breakfast (BoB) Club New Zealand – BoB Clubs NZ

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NEW professional business networking BoB Club opening in Wellington – Business Over Breakfast create a secure and successful networking environment


Grant Dickson‘s insight:

Having been to all the NZ BoB Clubs I think the Wellington CBD Club will be awesome – I will be held at the Green Man so a great central location and good food!  Take a look here and consider pre-registering!!

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The Six Rules of Personal Success

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Image via Wikipedia Of all human abilities, one stands out, the ability to see the Big Picture, the things that are important in life, and not to be distracted by small, trivial, and irrelevant things; the intelligence to separate the message from…

Jayne Albiston‘s insight:

Really powerful insight: Get the priorities right, stay focused – and a great reminder and acknowledgement of the moral and psychological stamina required to reach goals and be successful.

Reaching a certain goal requires moral and psychological stamina.  It takes skills and resources no single individual possesses. This means that in pursuing personal success, people need friends and partners to overcome the many obstacles that stand between them and their personal goals.

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Zuckerberg Bonded With WhatsApp CEO Over Coffee and Dinners

Zuckerberg Bonded With WhatsApp CEO Over Coffee and Dinners | Success |

The relationship between Facebook Inc. and WhatsApp Inc. started in spring 2012 over coffee at a German bakery. It was consummated on Valentine’s Day with chocolate-covered strawberries, after just five days of talks.

Jayne Albiston’s insight:

Just goes to show the relationship between sharing food, a drink and genuine conversation and business success in terms of forming great partnerships and mutually beneficial deals!