Team Building Ideas – Leadership Nuggets

02 Apr 20134 – Shaun Notcutt –

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Lead out of purpose:
Why do you get out of bed in the morning?  We sometimes think that to lead out of purpose we have to have a plan, but many times purpose doesn’t have a plan.  Purpose looks like I do what I feel I was born to do.


Lead with vision:

Sometimes we think of vision as something that is very personal  Most people don’t have a vision for their lives until they start to have a vision of the people around them.  When we can find a vision for the people around us, that is when we begin to get a vision for ourselves.

If you are having trouble with your vision, look at the people around you and what they have a vision for.  Most of the time this also works by serving somebody else’s vision. When you can serve another man’s vision, you gain the ability to expand your own vision.


Leading with humility:

Can you maintain a life of humility and service no matter what position or title you hold?  Can you grow and still live in a place of humility?  Sometimes I think we look at leadership all wrong, the person at the top is not meant to control everyone below them, but rather to serve those below them.  Your role as the leader is to serve those below you.  Our job to grow in leadership is to grow downwards.  Our responsibility in leadership is to grow further down than you do up.


Lead relationally:

Many people want to lead outside of relationship. This is because we think that we look like a better leader to people who don’t know us. But effective team building mostly comes from leading relationally, especially the people who do know us.

You need to ask yourself; can I lead the people who are with me on a daily basis?

Ask yourself, am I the leader I really think I am?

Ask your wife, your husband, your friends, your kids the same question.

Do your friends look like leaders? Or are you only associating with people that aren’t as strong as you to make yourself feel more powerful?

Are my friends growing as leaders and am I growing with them?


Be a leader that leads leaders:

I have mentioned this previously, but it is easy to lead people we feel more powerful than.  One of the tests of leadership is this: Do you surround yourself with people who are stronger than you? Can you lead those who are stronger than you?


Lead without fear:

Fear will kill leadership growth, and all types of growth at that.  You have to be able to lead without fear.  This is different than being able to lead without being afraid.