Team Building Within The Work Force – iMA Can Make a Difference

26 Feb 2013 – Zoe L Robinson –

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When it comes to working environments, many businesses lack communication across teams. Of course people with similar personalities and interests will get along and tend to stick together, however within a business environment it is important to be professional and make sure that everybody can feel free to communicate with each other.

For those in your company who only talk to people who they actually like it can cause problems and friction within a team.  In the workplace everybody should have the attitude of helping each other out and exchanging ideas etc.  Outside of work it is out of your control and people can obviously meet up if they want to or meet up with friends they have outside of work if they don’t.

If you find that you think your business could benefit from bringing the shy people out of their shells and maybe putting the loud ones back in theirs for a bit, you should take a look into team building activities.  Some people don’t think these work very well, however they are a great place to start.  The best way to make sure it works is to have the boss organise it.  Find out which people don’t particularly mix with one another and make sure they end up on the same team.  The larger the organisation you have the easier it should be to make sure that friends don’t end up being together.


You can choose from a number of activities like something sporty such as water rafting or a high ropes course which are really fun to take part in and will provide a real challenge element.  You could even give a prize to the team who completes the courses in the quickest times to ensure that they work as a team.  If you think your workforce wouldn’t appreciate something sporty and would try to avoid attending, pick something different like going to a chocolate making workshop or visit somewhere that sets up quizzes and puzzles for teams to try and solve.  Just like with the active ones you could create a competitive element.


Staff will be put into an environment where they are with work colleagues so need to remain professional, but also feel more relaxed as they aren’t in the working office. Hopefully the groups will bond over the tasks and learn that they actually have some things in common, which will then translate when they go back to work.


The Bottom Line: Getting the best from teams and effective team working is key to your success as a Leader and business. The challenge is to adapt your thinking, communication and style to leverage the potential of teams.  At PlusOne Dynamics we invite you to complete our free iMA Questionnaire,it will only take 2 minutes and will reveal your preferred communication style as a successful Leader / Manager plus how you can communicate effectively with your team while enhancing connectivity and productivity.

iMA is an exciting universal language, designed to maximise connectivity: mutual liking, trust, understanding and respect. Everyone speaks one of four iMA dialects, putting them on the same wavelength as 25% of the world’s population.  iMA is a simple way of observing and understanding the differences in people, then connecting with them on their wavelength. When this happens communication, trust, understanding, co-operation and sales increase, and stress and tension decrease.
I stands for Identify your iMA colour style and that of the person you want to connect with.
M stands for Modify your message by encoding it in a way that is most likely to be understood.
A is Adapt the way you treat one person vs. another.

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