Sleepless Night at Aquarius Motor Inn – Mount Maunganui, New Zealand


Sleepless Night at Aquarius Motor Inn – Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

2-3 of 5 stars (January – 2013)

Unfortunately a sleepless and disappointing night at this motel. The location is a comfortable 10 minute walk to Main Street in the Mount where there is a plethora of awesome dining and bar experiences.

We rented a studio unit, which was pretty basic but clean and tidy and of large and reasonable size. Unfortunately a large group of rowdy drunk guests returned to the complex at 1am and were noising etc. The Manager was onto it quickly however it wasn’t over until 3.30am, obviously it’s that time of year at the Mount and the Motel Management were apologetic the next morning.

The biggest issue was the total lack of any sound proofing between rooms and even the outside. We could hear all the going on’s outside our unit AND the unit next to ours so when paying a premium price for a studio unit, not having any sound proofing was disappointing.

There was the normal array of kitchen utensils, microwave, Cable TV, a tiny dining table and bathroom amenities such as shampoo, soap etc were supplied, however there was no hair conditioner. Again when paying $150+ for a studio “motel” unit, hair conditioner is expected. There was a King Bed PLUS a single bed in the studio unit … personally I’d rather have a small sofa.

Staff and Service were fine but unfortunately I can’t recommend this motel due to the sound proofing issue, and we wont stay there again for either business or pleasure. Based on TripAdviser, AA and site reviews I was expecting a more based on the premium price.

2-3/5 for value, 1/5 for sleep.