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PlusOne Dynamics works with companies around the world and conducts iMA Auditing & Reporting, iMA Workshops, iMA Staff & Team training. We also perform International Business Development, Strategic Business Analysis & Solutions Development, Global product promotion & representation of "selective" product ranges.  Contact PoD today.

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Update – What’s Happening @ PoD

Hey there ! (Full version can be found here)Welcome to the PlusOne Dynamics newsletter.We have decided that through this forum we can engage your interest, get your feedback and ideas and provide hopefully thought provoking updates on what PoD (PlusOne Dynamics) is doing and how we might be able to help you.2012 has been an exciting year so far. Our international business development has grown through our Australasian partnership with Network Sunday which has returned great benefits for clients by engaging them in conversation with key decision makers in their target markets.  The demand for our suite of solutions through iMA Strategies, Audits and Workshopscontinues to grow.At PoD we have a real focus on building high performing teams; teams that connect and communicate effectively with each other and teams that engage effectively with their clients and stakeholders. We invite you to take a look at iMA Strategies – we are constantly getting incredible feedback on how iMA with its simple predictable framework, has literally turned around the culture of a company, has changed the way a team interacts and has lifted morale, productivity, sales and more.

We are passionate about inspiring solutions to achieve business growth and achieve real change.  We are REAL people with extensive professional backgrounds, substantial skill sets and international experience that can benefit you!

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