Networking Slip Ups

Networking Slip Ups

Networking Slip Ups

By Chi Chi Okezie 

Even savvy networkers can experience not so ideal networking situations. Many times in conversations, there is a tendency to forget information, be vague or not market ourselves effectively. Of course, when these situations occur, we miss opportunities to expand our networks and further our objectives.

Listed below are examples of networking instances that we can avoid to be better suited for opportunities.

Memory Slip Up

Sometime, we can forget names of colleagues, information about our industries or other things which can leave a void in any conversation. Although, we can not avoid these types of situations, we can be better prepared to handle them. If this should occur with a colleague, quickly offer to exchange info and follow up when you are able to retrieve the proper information. Of course, do your due diligence and follow up and keep your colleague updated or properly informed.

Etiquette Slip Up

It is always important to make a good first impression to build trust and credibility for building quality relationships. But sometimes, we can miss our manners and create uncomfortable situations. Before your next networking event, brush up on your etiquette skills. Learn the proper way of making an introduction, sharpen your elevator pitch, remember which side to wear your name tag and carry plenty of business cards.

Follow Up Slip Up

As savvy networkers, we can be pulled in many directions or have many business or work obligations. A critical piece of networking is properly following up and building relationships. Make it a point to reach out or connect in a timely manner. Respect your colleague by continuing to show interest after meeting them at the event or function. Also, link up on professional social media sites to further any conversations of info sharing.

Hopefully, these tips can encourage you to be mindful of typical networking mishaps. Being aware, prepared and open to building your networks are all keys to success.

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