Facts About the Employer and Employee Mentality

Facts About the Employer and Employee Mentality


There exists a very great difference in the way of thinking between an employer and an employee. These two people literally live in two different planets so to speak. Their reasoning, behavior and the general perception of life is stunningly parallel. One is a leader while the other is a faithful follower and that is what makes them correlate.

The mentality of an employer holds the genesis of the decision to becoming the “boss” and not the “slave”. There are set of characteristic behaviors that end up making one person to be an employer, and the other an employee. The below 3 points encompasses the mind-set of an employer.

Risk taking
One major characteristic that the employer-minded possess is the power to take risks. They tend not to care about the common “what if things go wrong” question; that the employee-minded fight with. Literary, the boss-minded are “professional” risk takers. They have high self-motivation for beginning projects from scratches and staying power to achieve a target.

This is another ideal character exhibited by the so called entrepreneurs. They can study a community and create a product that can in the end be a basic necessity in the market. They spend most of their time trying to come up with products or services that can answer certain needs in the society.

Long term planners
Almost all employers have this habit. They always tend to look into the future of a society and how they can stay relevant in their business. Mostly their home calendars as well as office calendars are full of tags pointing to forthcoming events, meetings and other valuable appointments.

On the other hand, the employee-minded have their own unique way of peeping into maters. 99 percent of them are job seekers. They tend to have a “must see to believe” kind of attitude, which makes it hard to start anything from scratches. So what makes an employee?

Risk avoidance
All people working as employees tend to be extremely careful when it comes to risk taking. In fact, they better avoid taking any form of risk; leave alone considering a business idea. Their way of thinking is traceable way back from when they were young; it has been proved that most “employees” were good at adhering to school rules and regulations, as opposed to the “employers” who portrayed exploratory characteristics.

They whole heartedly propel existing ideas
The employee-minded are so good in propelling an already existing idea. They can build on another person’s vision so easily or even make it more excellent. A manager of an existing company will always want to outshine any former employees that sat on that managerial seat. While the employer-minded, will have a heavy heart establishing another person’s business.

Plan implementation
Most employees strive to ensure effective execution of already existing plans and strategies. They don’t really have to manufacture a plan of their own but they can borrow their director’s mind and work towards his or her plan, which makes them very important to a company.


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