Team Building Events – 3 Ways to Improve a Team Building Event

Team Building Events – 3 Ways to Improve a Team Building Event


By Jan Verhoeff


You’d probably be shocked if you knew something about the personal life of your associate. But if you don’t know anything about them, how can you best benefit their efforts to succeed professionally?

Did you know that Betty is a single mom who has worked for more than 11 years without taking a vacation? On her vacation days from work, she updates the medical care for her 19-year-old daughter who has been disabled from an accident when she was 3 years old. She never speaks of her personal issues during work time, but she’s one of the best employees on the staff.

Jim’s wife has MS. She’s been wheelchair bound for the past fifteen years, but he never complains. He goes home every night and takes over for the nurse he hires for daytime care, because he can’t afford 24 hour care.

Bill and his wife appear to have it all together, living the high life, loving every minute, but did you know they struggle with the loss of their three children to a drunk driver, 19 years ago?

None of this information was on their resume. It won’t show up in the background check. And more than likely, at work, they don’t discuss anything about their home lives. But their closest friends know.

Team Building Events encourage employees of a company to come together, get to know each other, and more importantly, allow families to build relationships that support the corporate team long-term. When the family is part of the team, there’s more involvement, the employees feels supported and encouraged to go for bigger, better goals, and success becomes a family oriented objective.

While smaller companies may find success in a seasonal picnic or party, the value of planning a team building weekend or corporate training with team building programs can prove great benefits. Three ways to grow your corporate connection are listed below:

1 – Schedule a team building event weekend for families.

Pick a hotel with family services, suites, a pool, some activities for family and invite all the members of your corporate team to bring their families to the event. Plan some member recognition. Make it short, sweet, and entertaining for all ages. Encourage activities with the family during the daytime hours.

2 – Add opportunities for families to interact at the event.

Games, a trip to the zoo, book readings for little kids, swimming parties for bigger kids and adults, time for board games around tables, or even just time to sit and chat are always good events. Offer some ‘classes’ that might be of interest to a good-sized number of your employee families, or invite various family members to provide “group events” for a short period of time during the weekend.

3 – Include a ‘night on the dance floor’ with music & dinner.

Larger hotels can offer formal space for music, dinner, dancing, and opportunities to dress up for the adults. Cover band challenges, dance bands, and solo-cover artists are all options for these events. Don’t forget to arrange for child care – so parents can attend these events.

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