How To Do Well In Speed Networking Sessions

How To Do Well In Speed Networking Sessions


By Sohaib Azam, Esq


For those who have never done speed networking before or never heard of it, speed networking is when you go from table to table speaking with various business owners and/or representatives and exchange information and business cards. You have a specified period of time, usually around three to five minutes and then you move to the next table. You can definitely benefit from speed networking if you know how to do it effectively. This article will give some advice on that subject.

#1: Make Sure To Get Information About The Owner’s Personal Story Behind The Business

There’s always more to a business than its name, brand image, or what it sells. There’s always a personal story behind every business. It is important to take the limited time you have between tables and learn the inspiration behind each business. Not only does it present an opportunity for you to learn about the business and what it sells, it shows the other person how much you care about their business and helps establish a connection between you two on a much deeper level. This will inspire the other person to network with you and help you find leads for your client.

It’s important to keep in mind the limited amount of time you have between tables. Hence, you will have to know what questions to ask that will probe the most important information from the other person.

#2: Always Volunteer Information About Your Company, Even If You Are Not Asked

This point may be a controversial one because it may involve you being selfish to some degree. In such a short period of time between tables, you need to make sure the other person learns something about your company. This might include some perspective about your personal story pertaining to why you started the business as well as how your business is different than others. As always, you must take into consideration the short amount of time you have to convey information. Thus, you must choose what information you think will have the greatest impact but that you will be able to convey within the given time.

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