The Art of Handshaking: It Takes Two to ‘Perfect’ It!

The Art of Handshaking: It Takes Two to ‘Perfect’ It!


By Vivek Madhav Bindra

Not only in the corporate world, at places (in societies) where ‘privacy’ prevails supreme, has a handshake represented a silent understanding between the two individuals. Truly, it sets a base for a formal exchange of communication in immediate of near future. From the view of a highly respected professional skills trainer, the quality of the ‘handy’ physical touch often corroborates with the ‘quality relationship’ that may dwell and continue.

The following are the most commonly used/practiced types of ‘Handshakes’ in the corporate/business world today. Let us take a short look at each.

This one has to fall under the “BAD Handshake” category. The person extending the hand either intentionally or unintentionally crushes the other person’s hand to the extent of painful feeling. This is ‘Bone Cruncher’ or “Knuckle Cruncher“. The person may be nervous but would definitely be considered insensitive by all means. Such an individual may be avoided for the time being.

A boring and dull personality will always offer an inert, wilted, motionless hand for the purpose of a handshake, thereby, clearly indicating the negativity oozing out of that individual. This is the “Dead Fish” handshake for you! There is hardly any chance of striking a next conversation very soon.

A “touch-me-not” kind of an expression is widely expressed through a “Sanitary” handshake, carried mostly by apprehensive and/or awkward types of individuals. A quick touch-and-go of two or three fingers of such a person will be offered to a full-fledged hand!

A “Condolence” handshaking gesture is considered most unsuitable at places other than that of the funeral. The individual almost fills in the palm with palm and deeply presses the hand with another hand. It shows much of the affectionate and caring nature of the concerned individual.

An excessively eager, anxious and almost ‘insecure’ individual offers a handshake, which never seems to end! The individual does not know when to stop and ceaselessly shakes the other person’s arm like pumping equipment, making the other person feel thoughtless and unwise. Avoid being a “Pumper” please!

A PROPER Handshake indicates the union of the two hands’ ‘webbing’ unto each other – firmly and warmly for a little time and then let go. A warm SMILE on the face and a full ‘eye-contact’ will make the short meeting last longer in the memories. A politely toned self-introduction surely goes a long way here!

Men should always rise for women to shake hands and this holds good for women too.

I am sure that the above procedures of a first formal meeting will be kept in mind by the readers, especially those who are new to the corporate world. Practice the proper handshake to reap its best benefits!

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