REALISE – A Power Word for Every Day

March 10 , 2016 – Jayne Albiston


This year we have 24 key words that we are applying directly to our business. They have particular meaning because we have taken them from our personal collection of words that we use to inspire and drive our lives forward.
In no particular order, I am commenting on one of these words every couple of weeks and they appear in our company newsletter each month. These comments are my own and I would welcome any additional insight, inspiration or feedback that you may have on them, including any experiences that you may have had along your business journey so far.


The 3rd word is: Realise…

When you realise something it becomes clear to you.

Entire courses, books and workshops are written on the meaning of the word realise. People invest hundreds of dollars to seek, to understand and to make change in their lives around the meaning of this word and yet in my opinion, the use of it is often overlooked.


Realise is unbelievable powerful and should have its rightful place in every set of top ten words to guide both our business and personal lives.
One of my favourite definitions goes like this: when you realise something it becomes clear to you. These days everyone seems to be looking for clarity in some area of their lives.


One expanded definition says that all the meanings of realise amount to making something “real” in some way. If you realise a plan, you make it happen. If you realise a fact, you see its truth. If you realise the seriousness of a situation, you become aware of its dangers.


Whether it is gaining clarity on either the positive OR the negative in our business and in our lives, either way, we are not living life to the full or fulfilling our business or personal life potential if we do not begin to realise what is in our current reality and then take steps to realise something different, something more. In other words make it happen.
This week, I am taking the ‘realise’ challenge to look at my personal and business priorities, to gain clarity on them and to take action to make them real in some way.


This will most likely include:

  • Seeing a truth
  • Becoming aware of some dangers
  • Making something happen.

There are many tools that we can use to help us record and to be reminded of what we have ‘realised’ so far in our lives and what we yet strive or dream to ‘realise’.


One of these tools is a Gratitude Journal which simply involves writing down things we are grateful for, including that which we want to ‘realise’ in the the future. This is proving to be a powerful tool for me personally and I encourage you to try it. You might be surprised at what you are able to realise’ in your business and personal lives.


Jayne Albiston
Business over Breakfast (BoB) Clubs Australia & New Zealand