TRUST – A Power Word for Every Day

February 18, 2016 – Jayne Albiston

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This year we have 24 key words that we are applying directly to our business. They have particular meaning because we have taken them from our personal collection of words that we use to inspire and drive our lives forward.

In no particular order, I will be commenting on one of these words every couple of weeks and they will appear in our company newsletter each month. These comments are my own and I would welcome any additional insight, inspiration or feedback that you may have on them, including any experiences that you may have had along your business journey so far.

The first word is TRUST.


For some, trust is a loaded word and often one that can be used way too lightly or even flippantly. Jo-Anne Randall from Staples Rodway provided a timely reminder last week in her business tip at our Britomart BoB Club in Auckland that telling a client or even worse a prospect to just ‘Trust me’ before time has been taken to truly build a relationship is a big no no.

To trust, or to have a ‘firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something’ takes time and may involve shared experiences, dinner, wine, coffee, doing a great job or producing a great result over a number of months. The dictionary itself tells us that ‘relations have to be built on trust’. This is true because when you really think about it, none of us can ever know everything about a person or a professional or even a company, regardless of how much ‘research’ we might do, and let’s face it, we can do quite a lot more now than we ever could before, especially with all the online resources and platforms available. In the end there is always that gap, that gulf, that ditch that can only be crossed through trust or blind faith as some of us may call it. The risk can be small or large and the consequences also.

For those of us who approach life with a glass half full attitude and who always strive to look through slightly rose tinted glasses, we have most likely experienced both. The positives we will have grabbed with both hands while the negatives we will have put down to learning experiences and we will have moved on.  But what if those risks could be minimized in some way? What if that gap, that gulf, that ditch could be narrowed and blind faith did not have to come into play so much?

I recently read and re-read an article which talked about ‘real social networks’ and the Village Effect. According to Susan Pinker, a Canadian Clinical Psychologist, the benefits of ‘social integration with a regular diverse group of people and social intimacy – being with people you can depend on, the ones who have your back when the going gets tough’ are phenomenal and some claim are pointing towards being the secret of living a long and healthy life.

When thinking on TRUST and the premise that ‘relations have to be built on trust’, it naturally makes sense to see that including organized social integration and intimacy in one’s personal and business life would have positive outcomes and repercussions.

Susan Pinker says; ‘Whether you live in a village, a city or the country, you have to have a diverse group of people you meet on a regular basis’.

I am privileged and honoured to be the Australia/NZ Director of an amazing organization called ‘Business over Breakfast’. I literally get to meet every day for breakfast with an incredibly diverse range of people and over time we form quality relationships through a process of getting to know, like and trust eachother. The know and the like ALWAYS come before the trust and reminding myself of this fact has paid off for me personally and business wise in many ways over recent years.

Whether it is a Business over Breakfast (BoB) Club or another group of people or business professionals you meet with on a regular basis, building relationships over time has an astounding impact on the size of that gap, that gulf, that last leap of faith in trusting someone and then also in trusting those who they introduce you to. I think if we are honest, all of us recognize TRUST as being an important, often crucial element in our personal and business success. Many of us steer away or try to avoid it, having experienced ‘broken’ trust in the past.

Recognising that quality relationships and social connectivity are literally the fibre of our future, it makes sense to take a fresh look at trust; how we use the word, how we build trust or break it, how we make it part of the glue in our personal and business brands and in our approach, communication and interpersonal relations.

So how about taking the challenge this year to embrace trust, find ways to meet up regularly with a diverse range of people and professionals and start to build those quality relationships, the kind that will see you living a long healthy life and benefiting from the business success that can only come through trust that stands the test of time. Let me know how you go.


Jayne Albiston
Business over Breakfast (BoB) Clubs Australia & New Zealand