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Vik Sidhu, Thexton Armstrong


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Thexton Armstrong
Business Coach
49 Eskdale Rd
022 191 2234
Member of the Takapuna BoB Club

Do you want results for your business and want them fast?

Vik loves fostering long term relationships by doing exactly that. He enjoys helping teams and businesses take their performance to levels they didn’t think possible.His secret is to use a Project Management based approach and to focus intensely on the major issues at hand. Where most skim the surface, Vik dives deep into root causes of challenges.

Vik has nearly 15 years’ experience in Process Improvement. This experience spans across the US, India and New Zealand. Vik has helped improve processes in IT, Finance, Supply Chain among other areas. His experience includes working for competitive, results-driven organisations such as GE and Dell. In 2014 one of Vik’s projects was short listed a semi-finalist for the Project of the Year award at the CI (Continuous Improvement) NZ Forum.

Vik earned his MBA from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. He holds certifications in Project Management (PMP – Project Management Professional) and is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt from the American Society for Quality.

Here is a sampling of some of the projects Vik has worked on

  • Increased the productivity of a call centre by nearly 20%.
  • Reducing project lead times in a Consulting company by 25%.
  • Streamlining Supply Chain operations in one of  NZ’s largest hospital to the point where there was 99.9% stock availability. A critical improvement area until then.
  • Helping teams reduce the amount of rework they were doing (but didn’t know they were!) by over 50%.
  • Helping IT teams set up processes so they could be more productive by focusing on what was important. Rather than go from fighting one fire to another.

To see what Vik can do for your business, call him at 022-191 2234 or email [email protected] for a free consultation.