Engaging Corporate Team Building Ideas

13 Sept 2013 – Robert C Jackson – Featured –



Breaking the ice in the office is not always that simple. With almost one third of corporate employees showing their dislike towards “corporate team building events”, according to surveys, you need to have a well laid out strategy for such activities. Here are some engaging corporate team building ideas to help you create cohesion and corporate culture in your office.


Giving back to the community

Forcing employees to engage in activities they do not like such as group meditation or trust exercises can be very counter-productive. Instead of fancy ideas for team building activities, choose philanthropy as the basis for such events. Studies show that employees feel more motivated to engage in activities that result in giving something back to the community.

Besides the feeling they are doing a good deed, employees are also refreshed by the idea of leaving work aside for a while, and they usually come back to the office feeling energized and enthusiastic. Philanthropic events are often used by corporations to motivate their workers, create connections inside the company and cultivate loyalty for the company.


Exercising and losing weight together

Team building gives the best results when certain common goals of employees are identified. For instance, if most of your employees never have enough time to exercise and lead a healthier life, by offering them the opportunity to work together towards a common goal that is also a personal goal, you motivate them to work better and feel better together.


Escaping the cubicle space

Office work may not be considered the worst type of professional activity in the world, but office workers need escapism just like the next person. Engage your employees in group activities that will allow them – and even stimulate them – to work better together by getting to know each other.

Organize field trips for your employees, allowing them to escape the cubicle space and experience a bit of fresh air. As your employees become friends, your company will benefit from their cohesion, once they get back to work.


Shared learning experiences

Team building should also cultivate and stimulate skills that can be beneficial for an employee’s activity in the industry they serve. When training workshops and other similar events appear as opportunities, send a group of employees you desire to work together as a team to learn new skills. Studies show that shared learning experiences create engagement and stimulate collaboration between workers in the same field.

Professional development also gives employees a sense of personal achievement and stimulates them to apply the skills learned at their workplace. From such corporate team building activities, the company can only benefit.


Breaking bread together

There is a strong reason why meals in the family have been considered by people around the world as the events that keep family members together. Corporate team building events should include social get-togethers where tasty food is served. The role of these events is to create a relaxed environment for employees so they become more willing to communicate and share opinions and ideas with one another. These happy meals provide a good opportunity to transform the company into a larger, more inclusive family for employees.