Video Content for a SEO World

02 Aug 2013 – Tina Courtney-Brown – Featured –

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Video content is the life force of the web, infusing movement, sound, and priceless engagement to the legions of people waiting to hear and see your message. Done with aplomb, videos create indelible experiences for people to bond with your message and brand, in ways that can literally be unforgettable.

Video content can also equate to SEO gold. In a recent study on content, ReelSEO proclaimed videos are a whopping 50 percent more likely to be found in a search, compared to plain text. With conversion rates having this much potential, it’s time to seriously consider your move into the world of viral videos.


Why Videos Rock SEO

A 50 percent increase in search clicks may not be the norm, but it’s clear that this kind of optimization is more than possible. Why? Because the web is built on text content, and anything that stands out from the pack is immediately more likely to draw attention.

Sure, it may seem like YouTube is overflowing with generic video content, but compare that to the sea of web pages, and video is a tiny pixel on a big screen full of data. That equates to a leg up in your SEO efforts. Only a small fraction of current video content is properly optimized, which means there’s a serious potential for getting your audience’s undivided attention.


Don’t Think Like a Marketer

The first step in creating video content that moves your SEO needle is to stop thinking like a marketer for your brand, and start thinking like someone searching for your goods or services.

Videos usually accomplish one of two goals: they entertain, or they instruct – preferably with notable expertise or engagement. Take a gander through YouTube’s treasure troves, and you’ll see a lot of popular videos with “How To” in their titles. Assess what works, and what makes the most sense for the message you’re attempting to share, and move forward with your vision.

Video titles, as you can well imagine, are absolutely critical to finding your intended audience. They need to be concise, informative, and they should clearly articulate what the viewer can expect when they choose to watch. Equally important, your title should be eye-catching; the title alone will sometimes make or break a user’s decision to press play, so spend serious time crafting the perfect hook.


Choose Keywords Wisely

Just as paramount to your video’s title are the keywords you choose to describe it. Ideally, at least one main keyword will appear in your title too. The process by which you’ll choose these keywords is actually pretty identical to that of text content. The difference is simply where you’ll place your selected keywords; in the case of videos, these will appear in your title, description, and tags. Use standard tools like Google Adwords to verify your keywords are in fact frequently used in similar searches. Then weave them into each descriptor with clarity, brevity, and a little pizzazz.


Placement Matters

Once you’ve produced a video you’re proud to show the masses, it’s time to rein in the eyeballs. To get the most out of SEO, you’ll want to post the video in a variety of places. At the bare minimum, video content should be showcased on your YouTube channel and your company’s website. If you have a company blog, definitely show-off the goods here too. You don’t need to post the actual video each time, but can always link to it on your YouTube page.

Every time you post the video online, however, it’s equally important to choose your words carefully once more. This means integrating your keywords and insuring text links are short and to the point. And here’s a rarely used but very powerful tip: transcribe your videos for maximum SEO magic. Sure, this can be tedious, but if you’re smart in production and script out your content before shooting, you only need to modify the existing text a bit to make it reader-appropriate. The result will be oodles of SEO-friendly text content to accompany your video – a very powerful duo indeed.


Share and Share Alike

Now that your video is produced and proudly showcased, your final step is some well-strategized social callouts. Use your active Twitter and Facebook accounts to alert your existing audience, and once again, choose the words that accompany the blasts very succinctly. It’s also wise to stagger your social shares across a number of days, rather than inundate your audience all at once. Since some of your fans are likely to follow you on more than one social channel, you’ll save them a little redundancy.

Finally, make sure to take a fair amount of compelling screenshots of your video to integrate into various campaigns. Don’t fall into the trap of posting your video and then forgetting it; allow it to continue to assist in your marketing strategies for as long as it feels current.

With statistics showing the popularity of videos over plain text in search results, and so few video content providers knocking it out of the SEO-park, there is ample opportunity to make major marketing headway with a few smart steps. Adopting a holistic and step-by-step approach to video production that includes smart SEO-tactics could equal a major marketing windfall for your team. Be ahead of your competitors; perfect the art of video search engine optimization.